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WASHINGTON, DC – JULY 21: Former MAC VIVA GLAM Spokesperson, Eve, Celebrates The MAC AIDS Fund’s $250 Million Milestone During The International AIDS Conference on July 21, 2012 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images for MAC Cosmetics)

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Donald J. Trump Can Win His Re-election

I may from time to time say the meanest and rudest of things, but in the end, we are all Children Of God. He is Our President, and I reckon I will not vote for him, but he can, with his own devices and enginuity, win his re-election. He has an incredibly popular fanbase, and he previously swept the entire Nation. He has given The Republicans a strong hand, and The Democratic Party knows all of these things. Those Impeachments may have temporarily phased him, but those are now for Americans to study. Was He right? Was He wrong? We may never know.

But it was HIS phone-call, and that matters a lot more to him than us.

He can win, and I have to openly admit that. He wielded The Bible for us all to see, for we are at war everywhere (or at least it would seem), and in any given moment he gives so many Americans inspiration & hope. He made America Great Again. He showed us a stronger American economy with what we have. He introduced legislation, and made sure that The Republicans will always have a stronger say. He helped his party immensely, and for that they must remain forever grateful.

He also calls out other Nations, and rightfully so, as you’ll see that most of our business often golfs overseas. President Trump knows this, and he holds this fact to be self-evident.

President Trump works for America.

He can win.

The 45th President Of The United States Of America & Commander -In- Chief
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AD: Lindsey Graham Loves Joe Biden

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The Daily Social Distancing Show with Trevor Noah Featuring Vice-President & Presidential Candidate Joe Biden

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Donald Trump Should Retire From The Position Of President Of The United States Of America

The 45th President of The United States, Donald John Trump, has endured hardship after hardship over these past four years. He began in Presidential exploratory committee back in the year 2000, and a year after that we had the onslaught of The September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks. In the wake of these attacks, Donald J. Trump has continued building up his business Brand, The Trump Brand, making casinos and Hotels, and a litany of branded products in an effort to keep his money lined with billions of dollars.

Donald J. Trump appears to be perfect to the naked eye, but he is far from perfect.

President Trump has a history of sexually assaulting women.

-From Fox News

Trump himself attributes his ability to grope and harass to his wealth and power, but at the end of the day sexual assault is sexual assault. Although a video of him apologizing surfaced (which is party followers willingly accepted), he still has too much rich history assault women.

There are court records which indicate that the current sitting President raped his first wife. A quick Google search using the keywords ‘Donald Trump rape’ will open up to any human using the internet the vast amount of sexual assault allegations sewn into the Trump era.

Yet, above all else, The President willingly calls every sexual assault allegation false. So I ask you, the reader, has Donald Trump ever sexually assaulted anyone? If not, are all of these women lying?

Are all of these women lying?

It may be very well that Donald Trump doesn’t care. He is a billionaire, and to loosely quote The President, people with wealth can essentially do whatever they want.

I am A Veteran Of The United States Army, so I hope this message reaches who it needs to reach:






The sitting President has committed one too many sexual assaults upon women of the world, and his bluffing hand had been pulled from underneath him, so he used his wealth and power to coerce individuals into believing that he is perfect, when in fact, he is nothing more than just a man who has created a wealthy empire with the help of his father. He is not perfect, with over 10 women (including his first wife) arguing that he sexually assaulted them, The United States Of America is in deeper trouble than just a couple young rioters or looters taking overpriced and underpriced merchandise.

Sexual assault is a real issue in the United States. When a woman speaks up, we have to listen, or else what is race and ethnicity? How can we turn a blind eye to the painful truths spoken to us, only to hoist the one perpetrator to the highest office of Thy Land?

At some point, rumors hit the airwaves that Russian had a Sex Tape involving women peeing on Trump. What this take turned out to be was Kanye’s Famous, a music video which depicts Donald Trump laying in bed with a slew of other wealthy individuals. I assure you, this music video is 100% real.

This Is 100% Real Footage.

It appears that America has been completely hoodwinked. Donald Trump, I shall say swiftly as I can, is a scam-artist. He has scammed the entirety of our Great Nation, The U.S., all so that he can reap the benefits of becoming President of The U.S. As A Veteran, I feel great shame in his doings, but he has shown the world exactly what some wealthy people are capable of. We do have people who strive for greatness, we do have those that give us a life we cherish, but some men love to see the world burn..

Trump doesn’t want the world to burn.

Unfortunately, Trump also cannot reconcile with himself that he has sexually assaulted many women.

So I leave you with this:

The United States Army’s S.H.A.R.P.
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Black Lives Do Matter.

Black Lives Will Always Matter.

This Is Always So.

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Black CNN Reporter Is Arrested Live On Air By Minnesota State Police While Reporting On Minneapolis Riots Over George Floyd’s Killing


A black CNN reporter was arrested live on air on Friday morning by Minnesota State Patrol while reporting on the killing of George Floyd, a black man who died after a Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck for nine minutes. 

CNN correspondent Omar Jimenez was put in handcuffs and led away from his team of producers this morning shortly before 6.30am after the team was moved down the street by police in riot gear. 

According to one of his colleagues, the crew was told he was being arrested for refusing to move when he’d been told to but he was heard live on air telling the officers: ‘Put us back to where you want us – wherever you’d want us we’ll go. Just let us know.’ 

Image depicts Minneapolis arresting an African-American CNN Reporter

Jimenez told them they were live on air and was put in handcuffs. 

He asked: ‘Do you mind telling me why I am under arrest sir? Why am I under arrest sir’ then was led away. 

Two of his colleagues from the same team were also arrested and the three are now in custody. 

Other reporters from different networks reported from the scene this morning without incident.  

CNN’s Josh Campell for example said he was there but was not on camera. 

‘I identified myself … they said, ‘OK, you’re permitted to be in the area. I was treated much differently than (Jimenez) was.’  

It can be clearly seen that The Police Of Minneapolis have arrested an CNN Reporter.

Jimenez and his team have been released. 

Gov. Tim Walz has apologized to CNN President Jeff Zucker and called it ‘unacceptable’. 

After being released, Jimenez returned to the air. He said: ‘Everyone was pretty cordial. 

‘I said to the officer who arrested me, “look, we’re going to be here for the next few days. Where do you want us to be?” And he said “I don’t know, I’m just following orders.”

‘There was no animosity. No one was violent with me,’ he said. 

‘That conversation may have happened above some of the people we were with. For us, they came back and said: “You’re with CNN, correct?” 

‘They let us out of the van, we were handcuffed in the van, then they came back with our belongings. They unclipped our handcuffed. That is when we were let out.

‘There was no sort of, “sorry this was a misunderstanding.” It seemed like this conversation might have happened but it didn’t happen with us,’ he said. 

ABC’s Gabe Guttierez was also able to film a segment in front of a group of state patrol officers. 

The protests in Minneapolis raged on Thursday night for a third night in a row as Floyd’s death continued to shock the world. 

The 46-year-old man was killed on Monday at 8pm.  

-Per The Daily Mail