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Never Forget

I want to say that America is a rigged empire, but then I realized it would mean that American Soldiers are fighting for nothing.

They’re not. They’re Fighting For All Of The USA. They Fight For The American.

They’re fighting for one another. They fight for their neighbors and friends. They fight for postal workers, college students, the elderly and the disabled. They fight so that every American has the right to struggle until they themselves learn of a new way of life. They fight for themselves, so that they can continue to love and protect their wives, their husbands, their children and their children’s children. They fight to ensure that capitalism has an opportunity to thrive, and also so that people can bond together and create Unions that can change the entire world.

God Bless America

They fight for the rich, the poor, the unborn, and every American who has died. The fight for the future too, is what I mean.And it isn’t just soldiers fighting.The US Military is now the most advanced military ever assembled. While not outnumbering some of it’s foes, it has advanced by way of tactics and advanced technologies. From the inside, America’s military may not be discussed on a regular basis, but much advancement is taking place within their ranks, and this also in the civilian side of our defense department.Perhaps I am tooting their horn, but as a soldier I felt that America’s military was more advanced then I could wrap my finger around. No, I do not think I was a dumb soldier, for I advanced in my position and in rank in typical promotion time. This really isn’t about my service record though, it’s more so about all of ours.

Never forget that men and women are serving here in the U.S., overseas, and soon to be, Space. Don’t forget the strides they have made, and the lengths they are willing to go through to ensure that America stays safe. Yes. America, we will question many of our military’s overall objectives, and there will be moments where our collective efforts must bear more power than our military’s might (for we are a Republic, where our votes matter) but we must always remember that without them peace would be a far away dream.

Honestly, I have nothing but a lot more to say, but I’ll end it here. Just remember that we have loved ones fighting for us, strangers fighting for us, immigrants who became Americans fighting for us. Americans.

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Cardi B Is The Best Female Rapper Alive

She has surpassed Nicki Minaj

She has a better flow, a better delivery style and well…

Part of me still wants to call it for Nicki, but I won’t! Or at least I don’t know if I should. I literally believe that Cardi is a much more skilled lyricist than Nicki. She appears to be as authentic as Ms. Petty, but she’s a different breed of a woman, with a style that is so prestine & yet some how so raw and untapped. Do not get me wrong, it may be down to my actual preference of their overall deliveries. Nicki Minaj IS a Legendary Rapper, so in any case…

… maybe they are tied.

There are other female Rappers out there, yet I won’t name them right now. I’d say that these two lyricists stand at the top of their game, and ya know what?

They Did It How They Wanted.

I’m sure they both have their own specific helpers giving them refreshing lines, and you know they have some of the illest beats of all of The Land.

But I just don’t know. Minaj killed it in the adidas track suit, but Cardi’s Press is like one good brotha would say is:

“beyond me”.

Cardi B is The Perfect M.C. She’s real, raw, and she bares it all. She knows she’s the baddest bitch on in The World, and she isn’t afraid to throw a punch.

Or let a nigga kill you.

Go give it a try, you may discover things WordPress can already add into your posts that you didn’t know about. Here’s a short list of what you can currently find there:

Know, I’m not taking Nicki off of her High Throne. That cannot be done.

But Cardi has the highground, as in she wields the highest saber of all.

And you know what?

She’s Media Rich

She don’t care about no American feds. She doesn’t even truthfully care about our American feed. Cardi B is international. Hell, all jokes aside, I’d be her hired gun if she ever needed. She’s swift, smart, alluring, cunning, and rather tenacious. She’s landed her foot on the game in such a short period of time, and already she’s at the top of The Pyramid.

I mean, what a Bee!

She took the rap game Solo! Yet, she’s smart enough to wifey-up, bear her first child,and still look absolutely stunning.

I mean, have you honestly seen Cardi lately? She’s #ripped.

No more graphics are necessary. Cardi B, you’re The Queen Bee. Nicki Minaj may be a Queen, but you’re on top.

Me, I personally can’t wait to see her next video.

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East Meadow, NY

East Meadow, NY: a police officer abruptly stops walking so a protestor walking behind him will bump into him, so the other police can attack and arrest him. from r/PublicFreakout
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I Am Free.

I Am at the Art Museum Of Philadelphia. There looks like their may be a massive March. I will walk with them for a while, but in all honesty, I don’t want any trouble with either side. I’ve just now changed my Politic Party.

Things will be different now. I will live my life, and do as I please. Law abiding citizen?

I served about 7 years or so. Private Walker here.

Today is a very beautiful day. Haha, The Sun!

I love that I am free, and that I am alive.


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Black Lives Do Matter.

Black Lives Will Always Matter.

This Is Always So.


The Story Of O.J.

The Story Of O.J. By JAY-Z
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Let Us Not Fight!

Let Us Not Divide!

Let Us Not Conquer!

Let Us Not Destroy!

Let Us Love!

Let Us Be!

Let Us Multiply And Be Fruitful!

Let Us As We Are Free!

Let Us Climb The Mountain, Peering Into The Vallies!

Let Us Heavenly BE!

Let Us Vote Out, Vote In! Vote!

Let Us! Let Us Believe!

Let Us Do As We Must In America!

Let Us Make North America Better!

Let Us Do It Here, Not Foreign Nor Abroad!

Let Them Not Taunt Us To Death!

Let Us See Those 25 Rape Victims Again.

Or Were They Lines Of Sexual Assault?

Let Us Believe In Our American Dream.

Yes, Let Them Come.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Black Faces, White Faces, Brown Faces,

Yellow Faces, Orange Faces Too.

Let Us Not Discuss Killing One Another.

Let The Second Amendment Be, Understood?

Let Us Not Do As We Can All Muster.

Even Those Who Cannot, Will Too.

Let Us Dream Of More American Freedom.

But Don’t Send Republicans to Kill Democrats, Dude.

The President Of The United States Of America Now has

Two Articles Of Impeachment. Like The Sands Of Time,

They Have Been Actualized, Realized, And Permanently

Emboldened Within The Construct Of The U.S.A.

No Pen, No Stone Tablet Or Digital Revolution Shall

Change These Articles. Let Us Understudy History!

As History Becomes Now, Our Understanding Of Time,

Past. Present. Future.

The United States Of America IS!

Now Let Us Pray.