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Brief Argument: Right to Bear Arms

The moral right to keep and bear arms encompasses our moral right of self-defense. I argue that the ownership and use of firearms is a reasonable means of exercising this right, our right of self-defense. The 2nd Amendment of The Constitution reads: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Their defensive value of our sovereign rights, their defensive capability of defending  this Great Nation, The United States of America, from enemies foreign and domestic, implores a well regulated Government Structure to oversee that these rights are not infringed upon, and enforces the favorability of enacting civil rights to keep and bear arms. Therefore, states are morally obliged as a matter of Law to recognize basic liberties for firearm ownership and usage.


1. If x is a reasonable means of self-defense as instituted by The Constitution, then people have a prima facie right to be allowed to own x.

 2. Firearms are a reasonable means of self-defense. Firearms are also an established allowance of The Constitution.

3. The right to bear arms must not be infringed upon as it is an inherited right, as outlined as The Second Amendment of The Constitution.

4. The Constitution defines what is law, and is The Supreme law of The United States of America.

5. The Supreme Court, state and local courts, Legislative Representatives and law officers are employed to administer and enforce The Laws of The Constitution, and other pertinent laws.

6. Denying The American People The Right to bear arms would be an infringement of their right, your right, my right, as outlined in The Constitution, under The Second Amendment, and therefore would be against Supreme Law.

 7. Therefore, people have a prima facie right to be allowed to own firearms.

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It Is Time To End Gun Violence In The USA

The United States of America has a problem, and the problem is gun violence. Decades of senseless gun deaths now plague The United States, and almost no one has done anything about in. In Congress, representatives try to hold logical and sensible debates and discussions about the topic, but to no avail. They fall short, because they fail to capitalize on what the second amendment, our right to bear arms, truly means.

The Second Amendment is now a constitutional law with too many interpretations. The amendment reads, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”. Within the fine-print of the law, it clearly states that those, and only those in support of the amendment, may carry and utilize a firearm. Though this law was written over a century ago, in today’s world it has been manipulated in its interpretation to further boast arms and weapons sales. Today, across the United States, any American now has the legal right to walk into a store and purchase how many firearms and ammunition they so please. To maintain their status to do so, they have to be registered within their state, and not do anything illegal enough for them to lose their rights to arm themselves. While some states make registration hard (with tough background checks and other procedures), some states make it easy enough to walk into a store without being registered, and registering right there on the spot.

So while purchasing weapons in every American’s now inherited right, is it actually legal? Clearly, the states and municipalities ultimately enforce the laws, but the second amendment clearly states that weapon bearers are for the military, and any supporting militia. Supporting militias include security guards, police officers, troopers, and of course, the National Guard. That being said, why is it so easy for Americans to purchase firearms? It is because it is a great business for the United States.

Recent statistics show that the number of gun deaths has increased over a 5 year period.

In 2017 it is reported that 39,773 died as the result of gun violence. The pattern did not change for the year 2018, and very notables persons have died this year to gun violence. One of those people were Nipsey Hussle, a Los Angeles based hip-hop artist who died of an apparent homicide March 31st, 2019 as the result of gun violence. Another person was shot and killed that same day. The son of one of Philadelphia’s high ranking police officers found out that Sunday that his child was killed as a result of gun violence.

So when, and where will this senseless violence end? Will the people’s representative begin to enforce the second amendment as it should be, or will they continue to allow every countryman and woman bear weapons to their heart’s content? Our culture now embraces gun violence, in music, television and radio. It is all around us, and businesses make billions from it every year. The Military Industrial Complex also makes billions every year off of weapons sales. It is rich within our society, and enforcing the second amendment as it should be, limiting firearms to only the military and supported militias, is the only way to end this senseless gun violence.

I am afraid there may be no other way, and it must happen. So many lives have been taken, and so many more will go because of senseless gun violence.


A Long Time Ago

A long time ago I had the pleasure of serving with very great men. Not a day goes by where I can’t remove the memories of our training and field experiences. Often times, the memories can be a bit too much to handle, but again, not a day goes by where I don’t miss it.

Sometimes I feel like it wasn’t even real. I mean, I never went to war. Was it a dream?

It wasn’t a dream. Thanks to training, we were in my mind The Best.

I still feel like we had the best gun, despite various levels of competition. Some memories are vague, but boy was competition fun!

The weapon we all worked so hard to maintain and fire, Blitzkrieg, was, and I am sure will remain, the funnest and most exciting thing I have ever had the honor to work with in my entire life.

It was game changing, it was fun, invigorating, and all around the manliest thing I may ever do. I have left behind memories, and grit. I still have some, but I left most of it there. Well after leaving, to this day and beyond, I’ll never forget being in the accompaniment of such great men, and such a fantastic weapon system.