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Cardi B Is The Best Female Rapper Alive

She has surpassed Nicki Minaj

She has a better flow, a better delivery style and well…

Part of me still wants to call it for Nicki, but I won’t! Or at least I don’t know if I should. I literally believe that Cardi is a much more skilled lyricist than Nicki. She appears to be as authentic as Ms. Petty, but she’s a different breed of a woman, with a style that is so prestine & yet some how so raw and untapped. Do not get me wrong, it may be down to my actual preference of their overall deliveries. Nicki Minaj IS a Legendary Rapper, so in any case…

… maybe they are tied.

There are other female Rappers out there, yet I won’t name them right now. I’d say that these two lyricists stand at the top of their game, and ya know what?

They Did It How They Wanted.

I’m sure they both have their own specific helpers giving them refreshing lines, and you know they have some of the illest beats of all of The Land.

But I just don’t know. Minaj killed it in the adidas track suit, but Cardi’s Press is like one good brotha would say is:

“beyond me”.

Cardi B is The Perfect M.C. She’s real, raw, and she bares it all. She knows she’s the baddest bitch on in The World, and she isn’t afraid to throw a punch.

Or let a nigga kill you.

Go give it a try, you may discover things WordPress can already add into your posts that you didn’t know about. Here’s a short list of what you can currently find there:

Know, I’m not taking Nicki off of her High Throne. That cannot be done.

But Cardi has the highground, as in she wields the highest saber of all.

And you know what?

She’s Media Rich

She don’t care about no American feds. She doesn’t even truthfully care about our American feed. Cardi B is international. Hell, all jokes aside, I’d be her hired gun if she ever needed. She’s swift, smart, alluring, cunning, and rather tenacious. She’s landed her foot on the game in such a short period of time, and already she’s at the top of The Pyramid.

I mean, what a Bee!

She took the rap game Solo! Yet, she’s smart enough to wifey-up, bear her first child,and still look absolutely stunning.

I mean, have you honestly seen Cardi lately? She’s #ripped.

No more graphics are necessary. Cardi B, you’re The Queen Bee. Nicki Minaj may be a Queen, but you’re on top.

Me, I personally can’t wait to see her next video.

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Video Shows Rioters Lining Dumpster Fires Along Residential Streets In Uptown

Via WCCO – CBS Minnesota
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Rain On Me

Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande – Rain On Me

Guessing, by my estimates

I have approximately 1 month remaining of my G.I. Bill. I have 48 months time to rehabilitate into modern society. I have the capability of taking out multiple VA-backed loans to purchase a house, or perhaps a perhaps business properties.

My saga is only just beginning, granted, God gives me the strength to continue onward. Most people, including my family, have written me off. I am alone in this cyber world. I don’t have friends that truly care for me as friends should, because I do not have friends.

I was thrown into this world, lost, I grew up without my father. But I became a Veteran just like him. I had no choice.

My mother didn’t mold me into a champion, or a hero, or a doctor for anything. She just made me. I tried to start a family, but my family still looks at me like I’m this little lost child. I’m not. I know what I can do.

What I can never do is get married. I can never have a wife (or a husband) if I am going to build myself up from this misery that is now my life. So many have struck gold, so many artists and entertainers, fashion models and socialites, musicians, et cetera. I don’t know if I’ll ever be wealthy, because I wasn’t taught how to be. They didn’t know what they were doing with me, because I was special. So special, that I know what I am doing. I guess.

No one seems to think I know what I am doing.

This drives me. This motivates me. I am not a soldier anymore. I made the rank I had to. Corporal Brandon Mecella Carey Walker. But it was not for service, but for my own selfish pride and glory. I did what I had to do, and I almost certainly didn’t care for anyone in my path. Why would I?

Look at America. We idolize violence. We pay millions upon millions to those who synthesize it for our viewing pleasure. We love to kill, and our heroes are those that kill for us to watch.

This is America.

I often wish I were just a cosmic fiber drifting about on Jupiter, but I am not. I am a Human Being, and I know what this means. I am intelligent, so much so, that I understand my flaws on this planet. I’m never the smartest person in any room, because that is the way I was raised. That is what I was made into.

It is fine. I can go into great lengths my own trials and tribulations, but for now I shall not. I never may, unless I write it. But I first must finish Mecella’s Dreams II through V.

After I finish these books, I will write a novel. Mecella.

Until then, granted I maintain, muster of my own, and remain free, I shall blog here on my website.


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This is My Blog

I write exactly how I like to write. You can mock me, you can tempt me, you can try to persuade me differently. It won’t matter. This is my blog.

I am going to tell my stories, share my poems, and share with the world my perspective. I wrote my Dreams, and now I am working on a bit more than just those. I am working right now. This is my site. I am doing my work, like some do the Lord’s work, and that is merely so.

Did you know that I have a lot to say? I bet you think it doesn’t matter.

Guess what? It does. Everything we say matters. Everything we do, matters. We’ve already deducted it down to our gestures, but our actions do often speak louder than words. I learn this everyday, because I am imperfect. I am flawed, broken, beat-up, broke, and maybe even on my last lung. But that won’t stop me. I was once a cavalryman, and although not their best, I served.

Now begins my tales. Now begins my stories. Now begins my beginnings. Now begins my adverbs and passages and posts that share with the world, my personal views on current events, news and even celebrity gossip. There’s nothing I won’t cover, because what I cover is my perspective. Note: I might seem like I am rambling at times, but bare with me.

I love life. What do I love about life? The Arts. I love entertainment. As an American, I often venture into my mind and drift away aloft by the ideas and concepts that Directors dream up. I am always so fascinated by their stories.

The Arts. They captivate me. They move me. They drive me. I feel them, and they influence me everyday. I’m a bit of an artist myself, and I like to liken myself to “The Greatest Poet Alive”. Perhaps for gaffes, if anyone notices I want them to take it rather seriously. I also bid thee to read thy book, Mecella’s Dreams.

I am a poet, and I love to write. But more so, I love to make sense of things. I have done so on my own regard, but along the way I have, as my poetry depicts, become enveloped in sin. Man sins, and Women must win. They always win, for we always sin, yes we men, into another day. Why do I so heavily objectify men as to be the cause of major worry and concerns?


But beyond that, I will talk more. Not now. I merely have my own perspective about what is going on. For if I didn’t, I would think that it were the other way around, and it can’t be, right?


Maybe my thoughts will come off as cynical, maybe they will appear against your faith. Maybe you simply will not agree.

That’s fine. I encourage debate. I welcome debate.

Until then:

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Best Nickelodeon Performer Thus Far.

And One of the best singers in the entire world.

She’s actually just simply amazing. Her God is a woman music video speaks volumes, because truthfully, God is a woman. God is womankind. God comes from their love. We all come from our mothers. They are important to us. If we all stopped fighting, we could perhaps all just turn to our mothers and make the world a better place. A world without division, beyond a world where we are just black and white.

Focus by Ariana Grande
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Taurus May 14th 2020 Horoscope


Which Republicans will hold the President’s feet to the fire?

These articles of impeachment will forever remain in history. President Trump will forever have on his track record these two monolithic articles. The Democrats in unity proved that The President’s actions are never to supersede the needs and the goals of America. Yet however historical this may be, for the President to be removed, 2/3 of the Senate would have to vote in Favor.

The Republicans have 53 seats in The Senate, while the Democrats have 45. There are 2 Independents. 100 seats in total.

For these articles to successfully move through the Senate, they would both need votes totaling 2/3 of this current Senate, meaning several Republicans would have to vote in favor. But will this happen? Will Republicans look onward without any disdain for the President, or might some look beyond political affiliation and hold the President accountable for abuse of his awesome power?

The fact that Speak of The House Nancy Pelosi is considering holding the two articles in The House, this may come down to the Democrats letting the impact of the articles directly affect Trump’s re-election odds as opposed to taking it any further. It may be in fact that they fear a lack of Republican support, and that they would rather let historians study the ramifications and the significance of these articles against President Trump.

Trump, despite his own superego has already been deeply affected. He knew this was coming, but until it happened he didn’t know how. He almost lacks the ability to significantly care, and it is certain that Democrats fear of the damage possible if Republicans follow Trump blindly.

Because where is Trump going? He knows he won’t be our last President, right?


Your Best Days Are Right Ahead

They are coming. Your best days are right ahead. Don’t lose hope, don’t let your faith in yourself dwindle. You are capable of really great, and amazing things.

Yes, you can!

You can do whatever you put yourind to. You are a winner, and even when you fail, just know that everyone fails. Falling short of your goals does not make you any less of a person. Failing can be a humbling experience. In those moments, we learn to conquer adversity and we regain the spirit to triumph.

Don’t quit on yourself! Continue to dream!

You are an amazing human being, capable of insurmountable feats. As you approach your best days, know that they will be plentiful. Enjoy life while you are on your way there. Exercise. Learn. Love. Teach and encourage others to do the same. Instill in friends and family that they are winners, just like you. Create a culture of champions. Lead the way. Take charge, and don’t be afraid of risk.

Be yourself, enjoy your life and live to the fullest. Your best days are right ahead.

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