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Is Cardi B Cancelled?

The answer is no. I personally vehemently disagree with what she revealed, that she would lure men to hotel rooms, only to drug their drinks and rob them. That, in and of itself is a terrible thing to reveal to her fans, but her apology and explanation for her actions speak volumes.

Is Cardi B cancelled?

Cardi B explains that she is the product of a hip-hop culture that over-glorifies poor behavior, and she isn’t wrong. Some very notable artists like Jay-Z and Meek Mill made their careers and millions of dollars promoting drug sales, violence with weapons and killing people. That is the message at the core of many hip-hop artists, and people love to hear it. It sales.

But, it is still wrong. In that essence, Cardi B is wrong for what she admitted. There are real victims out there, victims of her doings, and in the era of the #metoo movement, it is a huge shame that she’ll get away with this statement and her actions. But in theory, if she were to get in trouble, what would be her punishment? It would equal the end of her stardom, an investigation into her past (similar to the ongoing investigation of Jussie Smollett), and perhaps a halt of her music sales. But none of this will happen, because society has accepted bad things that pays well as a good thing for everyone.

This is a win for her. All this does is give her the publicity she needs to grow her fan base so that she can solicit more of her music. I personally feel that she should make a public apology, and deal with the backlash of her actions, and somewhere down the road she probably will. But, I do not think that this marks the end of Cardi B. She attributes too much of her life before stardom for her actions, and ultimately, that is what people love about her. They love her personality, her brash behavior and unwillingness to become what others might desire. She keeps it how it is, and in doing so, she admits her truths. Good or bad.


Drake: God’s Plan

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Presidential Candidates: 2020

As allegations of Russian collusion die down for The President, the political spectrum of News corporations and other agencies begin to shift their focus onto the potential candidates for the election of 2020. While not a single Republican, to the best of my knowledge, has pledged his/her desire to run for President, over a dozen Democrats have begun their campaigns to become the 46th President of The United States. Many of the candidates are popular politicians, riding the wave of their already inherited cable news air-wave time. Elected officials such as Kamala Harris and Cory Booker are two viable candidates, who have inherited enough on-screen time with agencies such as CNN and MSNBC to to appear as front runners for what is to be a very long race.

There are several other candidates that fit the mold of Ms. Harris and Mr. Booker, such as former Vice President Joe Biden, a man currently toted as a the potential favorite to nab the party’s nomination, although it is unclear as to whether or not he will decide to run. Rumors have also floated around that Biden would perform well if he picked Stacy Abrams, a well spoken woman from Georgia, as his running mate. Some believe a move like that would be costly, as the race is just beginning, but it goes to show that the gossip wheel is churning fast, as many people in news and political line-ups are overall fed-up with Donald Trump, and would rather float around the ideas of his replacements, as opposed to have to talk about him anymore.

Candidate Bernie Sanders, of Vermont, continues his stance for socialism. He argues for higher wages, and an overall better system of living for every American. Republicans will probably never grasp socialism, and most democrats probably think indifferently about it either, but the concept isn’t with support. Andrew Yang, an American entrepreneur, backs the concept of universal income. He believes, such as Bernie Sanders, that American citizens would benefit from a monthly stipend, along with another lariat of benefits to ensure that the American way of life is not completely disturbed due to the ever changing shift of the American workforce.

All and all, there will probably be between 8 to 10 candidates debating to vie with the American people, why they believe they should be President. I’ll be excited to see Hawaii Representative Tulsi Gabbard debate, as I am currently most sold on her notion that it is time for The USA to stop enforcing regime changes on foreign nations.

As it stands, there will be a lot of new, energized and motivated voices representing various peoples to run for President. Each Democrat will have a plan, and it will be up to the American people to decide who moves forward to challenge Donald Trump, and which ever Republicans decide to run. The list of Republicans running for President has yet to accumulate, but in 2015 there were upwards of 15 candidates on the Republican debate stage, so I expect there will be plenty to choose from this time around as well.

The prospects appear rather great.


God Is Good.

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The Party of Abraham Lincoln

For what it is worth, and I am sure it is worth more than words can summarize, The Grand Old Party, formally known as The Republican Party, is truly the party of Abraham Lincoln. He was elected in 1860, and a quick one phrase summary of his Presidency would say with grand resolute, that he helped to defeat the Confederates, and he paved the ultimate pathway to free the slaves.

Always and forever will the Grand Old Party be the party of Abraham Lincoln.

I myself have been a Democrat most of my life. I am, because I believe my family members are, and more so because of my upbringing, it always felt as though that party was the one that had the greater influence on me and my surrounding society. I am an African-American, and I grew up in an urban environment, so like most in those environments, I registered to vote as a Democrat. Luckily enough I even got to witness, the first time around, an actual black man being elected President of The United States of America.

It was monolithic moment, and a true testament to just how far this great nation has come. But regardless of how important of a moment it was, it still doesn’t change what I said. The Republican Party, The Grand Old Party, is still the party of Abraham Lincoln. What Lincoln did for this country, is perhaps as important as any great deed ever done by any man in this nation, and yes, that ought to include George Washington, and all of the founding fathers.

The Emancipation Proclamation effectively acted as legislation that denounced slavery, opening the gateway for many enslaved Africans to gain their citizenship, and fight against the Confederates, and although this act could in no way remove the hundreds of years of injustice The USA and other nations had inflicted upon those slaves, it did essentially help out every African in the long run.

Thanks to the courage of a man like Abraham Lincoln, my ancestors and those I stand amongst now have more of what we call, freedom.


I say all of this, as a reminder to myself, and to any readers that I may have, that regardless of what side of the political aisle you may stand on, don’t let our currently leadership force you into believing one party stands supreme over the other. Regardless of the media backlash against Donald Trump, our current President, I do feel deeply within me that he not only stands for good, but for the safety, aid and security of all citizens in the USA, and not just the wealthy. I do not believe that he has a chance as becoming as great a man as Abraham Lincoln, for the emancipation proclamation did as much justice as writing the country into existence, but that does not mean we are all to write him off for his own personal troubles and gaffes. The man has a purpose, and is to serve the nation. Don’t let his ego get the best of you, for I am sure there are perhaps enormous characters flaws in every former President.

We ought to hold him to the same standard as Lincoln, and in this moment, this is where I will begin to do so. I’ll say again, I doubt that he can do anything for society as great as what Lincoln did, but he has a way of saying he is amongst the best. Remember, always remember that The Grand Old Party is the party of Abraham Lincoln.


Run. Jump. Lift. Exercise!

As the weather gets warmer, it is important to remember to exercise! There are so many various ways that we, Americans, can exercise and get fit

For those who have jobs that require a lot of movement, you may already do enough exercise in the day. But, for those who don’t, get out and move around! Make an effort to be more mobile this Spring and Summer. Take long walks, go running, try extracurricular activities like a sport or a zumba class. Do something that physically challenges you, and try to make a habit of it.

Our health is important. I’ve learned myself that it is easy to become complacent. If you need motivation, look toward someone who knows the pain and struggle of getting in shape. There are so many people now, dedicated to helping others get fit, and stay fit. Network, and I promise you, you’ll fine someone willing to exercise and be active with you.

And if you chose to go at it alone, don’t be afraid. Get a gym membership and be active. Take more walks with your dog if you have to, go play with your children in a park, or invest in something like a bicycle and ride back and forth to work.

Again, the possibilities are endless, and the world is our playground!

Get out there, and be active!


The Long Road. Almost Finished.

I took the long road. The really long road. Yet somehow, I am almost finished.

I am now a student of Strayer University. Come April 1st, I begin their Bachelor of Business Administration Program, with a concentration in Marketing.

Simply put, I am excited! With all of my transferred credits, I am just about half-way complete! I will be taking four classes this Spring: Business 100, Humanities 111, Communications 101, and Computer Information Systems 105.

I had a very successful semester at The Community College of Philadelphia, and along with job changes, I am 100% certain that finishing my degree with Strayer University will be best for me.

If my own projection of my success is correct, I should be complete with my program by sometime next Spring or Summer. Upon completion, I’ll finally be able to tote my scholastic skills in the business sector, and not just my grit.

For those who read this, I suppose I should say do not quit, do not give up. I earned the right to keep going through school with my military service. I am proud to have served. Maybe it can help you, too.


The FBI Investigation is Over

Earlier in the week, The FBI submitted their investigation of Donald Trump and his associates. The investigation has been the talking point, and primary focus of many news agencies.

President Trump, despite several of his colleagues and campaign associates facing legal troubles, continues to call the overall investigation a witch hunt.

Donald Trump sitting with members of his cabinet.

Now, news agencies and The American People, and President Trump, await the release of information in Robert Mueller’s investigative actions against the President.


Russian News Show Discusses Recent US B-52 Flight Maneuvers Near The Russian Border

Russian News panelists discuss recent flight maneuvers from The United States along the baltic sea. The maneuvers prompted swift response of Russia to fly out and redirect America’s planes, as the video they discuss in the clip below shows not only real-time encounters in the air, but also a separate from CNN outlining The US’s plans for pressuring Russia, and the deployment of 1500 troops into Europe.


A Conversation with 2020 Presidential Hopeful Tulsi Gabbard

A Conversation with Tulsi Gabbard