As the snow begins

To fall onto the cold ground,

Let us pray for love.

Blog poetry

In a Moment’s Glance

Inspiring me.

Her words led to this moment.

In a moment’s glance.

Blog poetry

Love Costs too Much

No more love for me.

Long gone are my dreams

Yet love, costs too much.

Blog poetry

Last Thread

This is now my last.

But before I start over,

I don’t want to die.

America poetry

The High Moments.

The Very low moments.

The ones that take forever. The ones that last forever.

The moment is took to tie your shoes.

The thoughts of that moment.

The moment before a job interview.

The moment before you turn your key.

The time it time to wake up, and the moments before bed.

The moment right after your worse thought,

and worse day, and worse year.

The moment after you’re child was born.

The moment after he died.

The moment you cannot remember, but it was the last time you saw your father.

Your final moment.