Underneath The Tears

How comfortably can you shift the feeling of a room?

You know, waltz in and strut your stuff. Wowing the audience.

How quickly can you change the aura of the room?

Is it blue? Is it read? Is it Green?

Easily, and in a hurry? Or slowly at a pace?

How fast can you make everyone listen?

Commanding through your presence, captivating everyone around you.

How quickly can you shift from happy to happier?

Can you dig deep down and bring out the best in you?

How quickly can you wipe away tear stained eyes in the bathroom,

as you take a break from giving the speech of your life?

How hard is it to look away from your reflection in the mirror,

as you unwillingly bury yourself underneath the tears of it all?

How soon will you recover, or more so, will the crowd notice?

Will you panic, trembling in fear, or will you conquer the moment?

Will you walk through the room like a warrior fresh from battle?

Will you seize the day?


Take a minute, and gather up your senses.

The moment is yours.

Rule Breaker

Yea, I’m a smoker.

I once flicked my cigarette butt into the road, no big deal.

Yea, I stay up too late, and sometimes I eat in bed.

I don’t like jay-walking, but I do it sometimes.

I even start conversations without saying hello.

Yea, I’m a Rule Breaker.

I’m not confined to your ways, or his ways, or her ways.

I do things my way.

I am a non-conformist.

What does that mean?

It means sometimes, or a lot of times, you’ll question my actions.

“Why did he just give me that look?”

“Why is he staring with that cute grin?”

“Why did he just leave his bags right there like that?”

Sorry, I’m having difficulty showing you bad side,

But that’s only because I break the rules.

I’m not going to give you all the juicy details.

No, I cannot let you know of my every decision,

past, present, or future. Therefore, what you see

Is what you get. A Rule Breaker.

I once broke a ruler. As a kid. In Philadelphia.

Now I break the rules because I am a man from Philadelphia.

But I’ll follow the rules just enough to break them!

You didn’t know that about me? Well, now you do!

That’s right! I’ll conform to your standards;

I’ll tuck my shirt in and wear a tie,

I’ll cut my hair and remain properly groomed,

I’ll even tie my shoe laces, but I must warn you:


And just when you thought that I was wrong for my actions,

I’ll serenade you with my wonderful diction, in a conversation

Of Course, and at the brink we’ll discuss my radical actions,

But in the end I’ll convince you of the same.

“Let’s break the rules”.

You’ll follow suit.

They always do.

And when it seems like there is nothing else to do,

You’ll see that breaking rules leave you feeling kind of new.

Like a brand new sweater for next winter,

or a fresh pair of sandals for the summer time.

You’ll feel rejuvenated and uplifted.

You’ll ask yourself, “is this what freedom feels like?”

I’ll say “yes”. That’s right love, let us do it.

Let us not be the conformist the want, but let us

Conformed to our own standards of living. Let us

Search for joy, not despair. And let us build up,

Not break down. And let us rise, not descend.

And let us fly, not fall. So that when they ask us

Which rules do we follow, tell them we follow all of the rules.

That’s right, let’s lie to them baby. You know why?

It’s because we Break The Rules.

Free Love

by Henry D. Thoreau

MY love must be as free
As is the eagle’s wing,
Hovering o’er land and sea
And every thing.

I must not dim my eye
In thy saloon,
I must not leave my sky
And nightly moon.

Be not the fowler’s net
Which stays my flight,
And craftily is set
T’ allure the sight,

But be the favoring gale
That bears me on,
And still doth fill my sail
When thou art gone.

I cannot leave my sky
For thy caprice,
True love would soar as high
As heaven is.

The eagle would not brook
Her mate thus won,
Who trained his eye to look
Beneath the sun.

Molecular Matter

It bends and moves like currents in the Ocean. It never stops. From it distance it look still, but the Ocean moves. It sways back and forth, to and froe, never ever at the same point. Yet the mirage of the ocean can leave one dumbfounded. No, shell-shocked. Outright baffled. I mean, take a look. Can you see the Ocean’s viewpoint from here? Does it make you nauseous? Anxious? Are you afraid of drowning? Then take a step back. Now fixate your eyes on the magnificent, Beautiful Creation that is Our Ocean. Is it not beautiful? Does Molecular Matter Confuse You, Love? Are we lost and adrift, far from the scenes of yesterday? Will we find tomorrow? Wait! Don’t look down! Now what do you see across the Ocean as rays penetrate the world around you, covering everything with the magnificent Power of our Almighty Sun? You know what I see as I gaze onward and unto the Ocean? I see Love. I feel and see nothing but absolute Love.

There Are Ways To Do Things

Clearly, but who cares?

I exist. Can you stop me?

I surely think not.


*MCs To Be Included


Jay Z

Lil’ Kim

The Notorious B.I.G.


Cardi B

-A Very Talented M.C.


Lil’ Wayne

Most Def



Nicki Minaj


WASHINGTON, DC – JULY 21: Former MAC VIVA GLAM Spokesperson, Eve, Celebrates The MAC AIDS Fund’s $250 Million Milestone During The International AIDS Conference on July 21, 2012 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images for MAC Cosmetics)

Foxy Brown

Young M.A

Iggy Azalea

-Incredibly Beautiful


Mandatory Credit: Photo by Rob Latour/REX/Shutterstock (10095018en) Drake – Best Rap Song 61st Annual Grammy Awards, Show, Los Angeles, USA – 10 Feb 2019

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