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A true brisk moment.

Enveloped with your pleasure.

A moment for two.

I can’t let yesterday bring me down, no matter how easy it can be.

The yelling, the screaming.

I have had many good days after it, but I find myself in my mind focused on things that I shouldn’t be focused on.

So now, I will be focused on today. I will be focused on my future.

Like I haven’t said it before.

Yesterday is getting older, tomorrow has yet to be. Oh, tomorrow.

I am focused on you.

My Death Falls Upon The Day


It will be swift, like a sharp blade cutting through the wind.

It won’t require much effort, my final resort.

It takes my breath away. It closes my eyes.

It removes me from your world, a place I only wanted to thrive in.

I’ll no longer be a burden to you.

It was always too difficult for me.

I should have been given more leniency, more room to grow.

I have made mistakes, but if I could I would only show you

that I could have done better, but it got so hard.

The day I die.

Begin Fast



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