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Ice Cube Discusses A Democratic Victory



Now I have to yearn for it, needing it, longing for it.

Asking myself if the world will ever let me again have, in my hand,

things that spread mad mass appeal. Holiness, crusade nights and when it

riddles in, what’s the friction cost? Are you hurt, stop and let it give just a

little tug, then a push, forward. Go on, don’t look! Yea, this ain’t a rhyme,

and, I’m really not wasting my time on brilliance. So what, so what tho?

Or Hip-Hip, yea I’d rock up on it got themm if it’s comin’, fucking shock

Hit the burner then it’s on to other things or glory spells but, what the hell.

Pattern shifts into a new age, where cages make the most of all of us into the new age.

Not drawing from the crucifixion fiction non-fiction or naw,

Life is moving like a pendulum so convalesce your health, re draw if you must.

I don’t give a fuck, shoot it off at mad will. Who am I? A Poet.

From Long Ago,

Introducing a literary composer to knowing nothing and knowing, and yet to steal, would be too mean, so I dream, but I beamed and now I’m getting too steamed, I am mean, I don’t feign, and personal. Yes I do dream, I’d be meaner, coming at you with mad splitters, cold guns, hot bars, mad ammo and cat scars, nothing stopping it. Or this arsenal of May bars.

But a paragraph to last to laugh last, or to laugh at. Hot. Who wins. Yes, an update.

I’d the weather is blue, life will be pleasant.

The red tide is moving with a felon.

A real elephant, but keeping it real,

I don’t like the way he makes me feel.

Better control, better vibes my friend,

Every Republican needs a Democratic friend.

You all chill and you flaunt ya mad skills, or wealth, or anything beyond the moment of doubt, a nice a life, with everything working hard. Yea, hard and everything.

But come again, the ages and ain’t near no, over, so I took a chug of love before,

Or what sense does it make? Space Force or naw?

Trillions. I’m talkin’ USD.

Just to grow a bit colder so just listen yo, sickness in the beat I mock fleets.

Coming in like the millennium. It ain’t over, no Jehovah, a little sober from the ganja when it blows it, it’ll be fine, yea yea


A Win For Biden Is A Win For America.

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Biden Will Win This Fall

The whole Epstein pedophilia conundrum and it’s existence is a stain in the eye of the republic. The fact that a ring like this exists and it only boiling down to the death of a wealthy man is appalling. America has a lot to correct if we’re going to take it to the next echelon.

We need to hopefully not involve ourselves in another regime change war for a long time. We need to focus on American Rights more than the lives of foreigners, and I say this as a man who could very well be a Nationalist. I have extreme love of country, even with the knowledge of things like slavery and centuries of racism. I have to love it, or I wouldn’t live here. The past is the past, and we all have to live in the present with knowledge of the past, trying to carve out a better future for ourselves and future generations.

Donald Trump will probably lose this race.

I think the Democrats have too much on him. For example, articles of impeachment. The edition of Harris as potential VP makes their story that much better. This will boil over well for the Dems, and in the end of the day the Republican narrative will simply be: “can we really afford to spend this much money?”. And that’ll be it, because the Democrats are going to seize more control this time around. It may come with great push-back, but Trump himself has allowed for this type of political arena. His bombastic characteristics create a political spectrum that allows for name-calling and other ill witted actions that should be left out for the bettering of our lives.

Joe Biden isn’t Hillary Clinton and you may think that doesn’t say much, but it does. Clinton won over people and amassed 3 million more votes overall, but we have to remember that she was in fact a woman. It simply hasn’t happened yet, and the electoral college proved that, but she amassed a popular advantage which really shows us that Democrats are voting more in mass.

Biden & Harris will amass more votes then Hillary Clinton was capable of achieving, and I believe it will be more so due to Trump’s record as President and maybe just that alone. He has been outrageously more incompetent then people would have believed. Okay I know there are people who love him, but I am giving you my vantage point of the overall situation and Trump doesn’t look good when I look at the whole world. He’s decisive though, and he has made head-waves as President, but we can do better. There are in fact things that I blame on him, my Republican friends please know this: I do not hate Trump altruistically because I wish him well, and if I had to I’d support him unwillingly, but that isn’t now the case. The case presented to me is that this man is sort of a racist bigot, whom was handed everything he has, and has done things that don’t show a man who really understands what some Americans are going through.

Millions upon millions of Americans are on unemployment because of a virus that Donald Trump may have been able to have prevented had he taken it more seriously earlier on. This is in no way, shape or form Obama’s problem, this is Trump’s problem. Anyways, Trump loses this time around. If he wins, maybe I’ll move to Canada lol. Nah, I’ll stay, but I’d expect more riots and protests, and a massive Revolution because the Democrats do not quit and that is what you need to understand. You can call a Dem names because they are fighting for those already disenfranchised, they are fighting for people who are at the bottom of the barrel, scrapping up change just to get by. Dems are Americans who merely expect more help from their government, and not for their government to be focused on changing the world around us and not our Home.

Social change is always necessary, don’t you ever be so naïve as to believe otherwise. Our system is never perfect and changes must always take place because advances in society only occurs when we allow ourselves to adapt to the times. Adaptation is encouraged by change, so if we want to go there, like I said before, to another echelon of humanity, I believe we need to make a few changes. I could say for peace, but not everyone agrees. Maybe a world with less violence and more aid and charity.


As a reminber, please vote this November. If you’re a Democrat, this may be the most important vote of your life. And if you’re a Republican and Trump wins, please expect the biggest pushback this country may ever witness. I kid you the heck not, there are a lot of people who do not want Trump to win.

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