In Your Pain & Suffering, You Are Not Alone

Take a minute, or even just a quick second, to remember that you are not alone in your struggles. The road ahead may seem hard, but there is help. Even when you don’t reach out to people to counsel and guidance, there are people that care about you still. Don’t give up on your dreams.


Don’t let those awful thoughts in your mind, those God awful cancerous memories, dictate the wonderful future you may one day have. Look onward, focused and motivated, and learn to control your thoughts.


Remember, we are all in this together. We may have our own families and friends, but the common goal we all share is to be happy. Happiness is a virtue, a learned feeling that one acquires through patience and practice. Some don’t find happiness until they are much older in life.

Please listen, #DONTGIVEUP

You are strong! You contain multitudes! Never forget that, even if it must become your mantra. I have faith in you, and when the world appears too difficult, remember that. And never be afraid to look in the mirror and say:



Draw The Line

At some point you must

Stop what you’re doing at once

And just start over.




Sunday Morning Prayer #PraiseHim

Dear Lord,

Thank you for this beautiful Sunday morning. I come to you in prayer this morning, asking for the type of focus that only you can provide in this busy world. Help me to focus on the greatness of you and the life you have planned for me. Help me take any distractions and realize they are trivial earthly struggles in comparison to the joy you will bring that is everlasting. Instead of me trying to remove the distractions, help me embrace the distractions and keep the focus always pointing to you. Amen.


Billie Eilish – Your Power (Official Music Video)

Billie Eilish – Your Power

The Pursuit Of Happiness

I don’t think this journey is meant to be easy. Should it be as hard?

No. But alas, here we are on the pursuit of happiness. We’ve come a long

way, me and you, and yet we’ve only just begun our journey.

Peering into the future, or attempting to, shows us nothing but a road

untraveled. We’ll continue to make some of the same mistakes, but that

shouldn’t discourage you from continuing to embark on your pursuit.

This endeavor pains everyone who travels it. Rich, poor, old, young,

man, woman, transgender, etc. It. Is. Hard.

God intended it to be difficult, and if you are a non-believer, the universe

in your eyes and mind willed it to be so. Regardless of our faith and beliefs,

this pursuit we have embarked on will be an incredibly difficult journey.

I believe in me and you. I believe in us.

Continue on your journey, and I will continue on mine. I cannot reassure

you that we will ever actually obtain or embrace true everlasting peace

and happiness. Monks try, billionaires try, we all try. Perhaps it is our

state of mind, or perhaps it is the possessions around us.

I don’t want to speak your head off. I want you to continue your pursuit.

This is just a pit-stop. For me, and for you. I’m sure I’ll stop by here often,

attempting to remember what this is all about, why I wrote these words,

where I was and who inspired me to believe in myself in the moment.

Nonetheless, never give up on your pursuit of happiness.


The Best MCs

There are a lot of great MCs (rappers) in America, but to be honest the top MCs are Eminem, Nicki Minaj, and Drake. These 3 rappers have transcended the game, elevating other artists and the industry to levels unmatchable in the past. While many may argue that Tupac or Biggie Smalls are the industry’s best ever rappers, I believe that these three rappers have eclipsed these rappers beyond compare, and that their individual claim to fame shows how amazing and truly artistic these MCs are.

Frankly, the list goes:

  1. Eminem
  2. Nicki Minaj
  3. Jay-Z
  4. Drake
  5. Kanye West

These are my Top 5 MCs. Eminem is overall the greatest rapper ever, while Nicki Minaj comes in second as the greatest female rapper to ever bless the industry. Jay-Z is the second best male rapper ever. Drake is the fourth best rapper ever, with numbers to match. Kanye West comes in at number five.


What Matters Most

What matters most isn’t what you have been through, nor what you are about to go through. What matters most, isn’t the obstacle in front of you or the idea you cannot concentrate on. What matters most, is who you are. What defines you may be your actions, but what matters most is the person you attain to be, and aspire to be. Your actions matter.

Life is a conundrum, and all that takes place through it is a culmination of the actions you decided to take. What matters most? You do.

Don’t let your actions define who you are, even if it doesn’t always make sense. Try to do the right thing. Bad deeds will happen, but the decision you make afterwards will build the road towards the man or woman you’ll someday become.

Honestly, I confuse myself talking about what matters most. Nothing may truly matter at all. It gets confusing talking about what matters, because our actions (in my mind) don’t matter, yet we some how do. Yet ultimately, we are nothing more but a culmination of our own doings. My argument is that our present self in existence, in life, is what matters most. However difficult it may be to understand, existence and the preservation of the self matter.

Ha! Be yourself! Try to do good! That’s what matters most.


Chappelle Backlash | The Joe Budden Podcast

The Joe Budden Podcast

Through The Void

It is never easy traveling alone. While some enjoy it, most people will find discomfort in having to embark on a long journey by themselves.

The best way to go from one place to another, is with a plan. If you cannot alone, bring a friend or a companion. If the journey is more spiritual than actual, bring a series of thoughts, or God, or nature along with you.

That emptiness we sometimes feel can be filled. When we travel through the void, we often feel there will be no light for days, when in all actuality all we have to do is simply open our eyes.

Everyday, every second of our lives is a struggle. We encounter ups, and we encounter downs. Nonetheless, we must persevere. Many of us may become too lost along the journey to discovering ourselves, and some of us will go so far as to committing suicide, but it can be done.

When you travel through the void, remember how strong you are. Do not let your mind defeat you. Instead, stay focused on your own personal objectives, and never give up. Never give up.