Inner Peace

Now begins the shift

towards peace in existence

and tranquility.



As the snow begins

To fall onto the cold ground,

Let us pray for love.


There Ain’t an Easy Way

Yet, it doesn’t mean it has to be hard.

I think it only has to be. The Way.

It requires effort, fortitude and persistency.

A desire for an achievable outcome, and the will to continue.

It cannot happen overnight. It never does.

It may take days. Months. Years. Maybe even a lifetime.

It might hurt. It might be grueling. It might be painful at times.

But if you aspire to achieve your goals, and remain resilient,

and with a bit of patience and dedication,

anything is possible.


The End.

I will first just pray.

And with every hill I take

Comes of life, no more.


Which Republicans will hold the President’s feet to the fire?

These articles of impeachment will forever remain in history. President Trump will forever have on his track record these two monolithic articles. The Democrats in unity proved that The President’s actions are never to supersede the needs and the goals of America. Yet however historical this may be, for the President to be removed, 2/3 of the Senate would have to vote in Favor.

The Republicans have 53 seats in The Senate, while the Democrats have 45. There are 2 Independents. 100 seats in total.

For these articles to successfully move through the Senate, they would both need votes totaling 2/3 of this current Senate, meaning several Republicans would have to vote in favor. But will this happen? Will Republicans look onward without any disdain for the President, or might some look beyond political affiliation and hold the President accountable for abuse of his awesome power?

The fact that Speak of The House Nancy Pelosi is considering holding the two articles in The House, this may come down to the Democrats letting the impact of the articles directly affect Trump’s re-election odds as opposed to taking it any further. It may be in fact that they fear a lack of Republican support, and that they would rather let historians study the ramifications and the significance of these articles against President Trump.

Trump, despite his own superego has already been deeply affected. He knew this was coming, but until it happened he didn’t know how. He almost lacks the ability to significantly care, and it is certain that Democrats fear of the damage possible if Republicans follow Trump blindly.

Because where is Trump going? He knows he won’t be our last President, right?


Donald Trump Impeached


His Hand

It can be strong. Poised.

What may beckon, good or bad.

What do you have left?


President Donald Trump Impeached

Two Articles of Impeached were voted on tonight. Both articles passed The House of Representatives. The next phase will be that the articles are moved to the Senate for a trial. After trial proceedings, if 2/3s the Senate vote in favor of Articles of Impeachment, the President will be removed.


Get Up and Go!

Go run!

Go walk!

Go grab a coffee!

Go study!

Go workout!

Go to a museum!

Go to the park!



It’s a new day, America