My name is Brandon Mecella Carey Walker and Mecella is my website. I started Mecella in 2016, and this website is my official business as of May of 2020.

I’m from Philadelphia, and that is where I currently reside. I served 7 years in the U.S. Army, and I have acquired experience and skills across multiple fields of work. I am a poet at heart, and deep within the roots of Mecella you’ll find some of my poetry (but only if you keep scrolling down), but I have decided that Mecella is much bigger then just my poetry. I’ve had an idea for my own website since I began blogging and social networking in elementary school. I grew up through the era of Myspace to Facebook, and now I am working on my own social media website.

The goal of Mecella is to provide Entertainment, Art, Politics & Science to my visitors. As time goes on, visitors to Mecella will see the website advance from my own blog into a website where millions of people may interact with one another.

But as they say, Rome was not built in a day.

Mecella is an exposé of the inner workings of an artist. The site is aimed at providing trending entertainment, political articles, scientific topics & art.

What People Say

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?

Dr. MLK Jr.

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.


Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you’re living?

Bob Marley

Let’s build something together!