Take a minute, or even just a quick second, to remember that you are not alone in your struggles. The road ahead may seem hard, but there is help. Even when you don’t reach out to people to counsel and guidance, there are people that care about you still. Don’t give up on your dreams.


Don’t let those awful thoughts in your mind, those God awful cancerous memories, dictate the wonderful future you may one day have. Look onward, focused and motivated, and learn to control your thoughts.


Remember, we are all in this together. We may have our own families and friends, but the common goal we all share is to be happy. Happiness is a virtue, a learned feeling that one acquires through patience and practice. Some don’t find happiness until they are much older in life.

Please listen, #DONTGIVEUP

You are strong! You contain multitudes! Never forget that, even if it must become your mantra. I have faith in you, and when the world appears too difficult, remember that. And never be afraid to look in the mirror and say: