Through The Void

It is never easy traveling alone. While some enjoy it, most people will find discomfort in having to embark on a long journey by themselves.

The best way to go from one place to another, is with a plan. If you cannot alone, bring a friend or a companion. If the journey is more spiritual than actual, bring a series of thoughts, or God, or nature along with you.

That emptiness we sometimes feel can be filled. When we travel through the void, we often feel there will be no light for days, when in all actuality all we have to do is simply open our eyes.

Everyday, every second of our lives is a struggle. We encounter ups, and we encounter downs. Nonetheless, we must persevere. Many of us may become too lost along the journey to discovering ourselves, and some of us will go so far as to committing suicide, but it can be done.

When you travel through the void, remember how strong you are. Do not let your mind defeat you. Instead, stay focused on your own personal objectives, and never give up. Never give up.

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