This Great Life.

The hardest part is yet to come, so fasten your seatbelts for now.

Sit back, enjoy the ride. Look up and, yes, you’ll see the clouds.

Put a smile up on your face, this is not the time to frown.

A thousand cars driven forward, hundreds of lines forming crowds.

Nothing can stop the pleasure. Pain released removes inward sorrow.

Accepting yesterday’s troubles tends to lead many to seem to borrow

from another place, where things weren’t always what it seemed.

Now look at me. I cannot see the sun’s bright gleam!

No rhythm, no scheme, no place to show off my skills. No work,

no words of wisdom, no way to hide my guilt. No patience, no resilience.

No, no world to share my views. Know that all I’ve done to deserve this,

was be as I could, and do.

As if not everything has a purpose, or my life has no meaning.

A tree sprouts from the ground over a thousand years.

When I reach 70, maybe it’ll be over.

This Great Life.

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