Convoluted thoughts.

Reminisce until they took over me.

Embarking on through talks, word of mouth

A Common remedy. No denying pleasures,

I’d endeavor until the death of me.

Now I have to walk, ever slower,

it’s the best for me.

Knowing what I do know now,

I see why it was so wrong for me,

So long to be, lost in dialogue

And actions wrong to be… In.

I take a minute just to relax,

Smoke a cigarette or chat,

to my psychiatrist about harming myself.

And yet …

In the back of my own head,

Images that I do dread.

Memories I can’t escape.

Always wishing I were dead.


A tainted picture yet the norm,

Of a fast approaching, devestating

life threatening storm.

And I stand there looking onward,

Paranoia now no more.

As I grasp towards the winds, a sense

of feelings I can’t ignore.

Now the time has come,

Glory overtaking form.

This is life to me.

All through death I can now be reborn.

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