“Russia on Tuesday became the first country to officially register a coronavirus vaccine and declare it ready for use, despite international skepticism. President Vladimir Putin said that one of his daughters has already been inoculated.”

I find this article to be very interesting:


Russia is a competitor of sorts to the U.S. How do we respond knowing that Russia has perhaps begun the authorized distribution of a vaccine?

The process should take anywhere from 12-18 months, so it is at all possible to believe that Russia has the vaccine? We never look toward Russia for economic competition, perhaps it is possible that their scientists are smart enough to have manufactured a vaccine in front of our very eyes. If this be the case, America then has a lot to to think about in terms of their preparedness for things as complex as a pandemic. Donald Trump hasn’t particularly performed fantastically. In fact, one could say that he has performed poorly. He’s visibly fumbled situation after situation, and his given track record as president and even citizen if you must, have proven to show the America People a man whom doesn’t have their best interests at heart.

Donald Trump does not actively care about all voters, every American. Donald Trump only cares about his core voters, those who will reelected him this November. I believe that President Trump needs to be a man who unifies the country, not divide us. That is why I fear Donald Trump will lose this fall. If not for his character, or laundry list of misdeeds as a citizen, then for his given and revealing tenure as President Of The United States Of America. I believe he has proven enough (and yes, this transitioned from Russia to Trump) and shown enough to be voted out. He’s even been impeached before.

If Trump wins this fall, then I’ll believe in miracles. That, or I’ll begin to believe that racism has the competitive edge amongst the people. There has to be a rip tide of changes, they have to overflow before we can begin to heal the cognitive wounds that we have that are harming us. And yes, many of our problems are not mental yet they are real physical problems that you can almost hold onto. Society is nearing a breaking point, and Covid-19 is a starch reminder that nothing in this world is free.

And I leave you with that little saying, nothing in this world is free. That is what politicians need to remember as they continue to levy the best way to protect and help the American people. I hope that both Republicans and Democrats remember this fall the price of what they’re fighting for. I hope that they show us leadership that inspires us to make great change, and not cause great division. I hope that for how off-topic I can be, that the U.S. finds a vaccine and administers it to it’s people!

I always hope for the best, so for all things considered, good luck!