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Memo: various articles will eventually be deleted from the site for copyright protection and more will follow.

Quickly put, as the blog progresses so will the content. Mecella is officially live, meaning the content I post is the content that I choose to share with you. The better my content then obviously the more chances for engagement, and sometime down the road subscriptions. Right now, Mecella is a perspective explained by others, and perhaps, a narrative that is told through the voices of others.

Nonetheless, and what may be quite obvious, is that not everything I post belongs to me. Hammering on this point, I will be personally removing many of my posts that are articles I inserted that were written by other people. I feel as though this style of blogging should be frowned upon, and I should not condone this kind of practice. Sharing of articles and elaborating on them yes, but not mere theft.

And perhaps even unbeknownst, I must admit to my shortcomings here. I’m doing this because I have high hopes for my website, Mecella, and I’m just getting started. I should work to keep it alive. Enthusiastically, I’ll admit that there are many pieces to the puzzle that are still missing from the picture, but that I also overtime expect many great changes.

Again, edits will be made throughout the website over the next coming weeks to accommodate others and most importantly pay homage to great writers. Hopefully not longer I’ll onboard a team to help me manage the platform, then maybe partnerships with content creators and writers, and other bloggers.

That is the goal.

I’ll continue to share other people’s content, because I believe that they have great things to show and great things to say. I don’t share EVERYTHING. There is a method to my madness. I have my own perspective as Brandon Mecella, and while it’s not the most notable one, it exists and therefore given my own circle may be an untapped arena of discussion. Mecella is an experiment. My first business. A step into the unknown. A Giant Mountain, & I Only Have Limited Tools.

I need to find journeymen along the way willing to assist me as I make my journey. I’ve been a blogger for a very long time, and yes for the time being this is my blog, but I still require lots of help. If you come across this blog, happen to be an investor and made it to this exact sentence, shoot me a message. I’m looking to build a team around me, and I’ll either need immediate help or it’ll take a good decade or so. Although the site has been online for 4 years, it’s still in the beginning phases. I am doing it all alone, so you’ll see days where I post one or two of my own pieces, maybe a perspective piece or maybe a poem, maybe something I wrote in school or maybe something I wrote a long time ago. I am a poet, and my writing style might capture you. Overall I post and want to continue sharing other people’s content. There is so much to share on the internet, and we don’t always catch it all. Why not share with complete strangers interesting online content? Why not? I want to entertain you, so that is what I will try to do. Obviously, I need to broaden my horizon as a content provider and I also need to massively edit the site. It’ll happen, and it’ll look very professional, that I can promise. For me to have gotten to this point is a blessing in and of itself, so overtime you’ll hopefully see great changes.

Again, edits are coming, changes are coming, and hopefully great things are coming. If I manage to retain one or two consistent viewers or if you take the time to scroll down for longer than a minute, then thank you. I am working right now to court more viewership, so bear with me.


By Brandon Mecella

I am a Philadelphian, a poet (the greatest alive, of course), and I'm loving what is on T.V.