Monday Thoughts

I have questions. Stages, I see the entire enterprise as it floats in the cosmos, and I have questions.

Why this way? That’s what I ask.

Why are we doing things this way? I need you to take a deeper look. Please.

Not gun violence. No, not police killing. Not racism.

Be quiet for a moment, and listen to what we make for ourselves to listen to.

Have you seen what’s on TV lately?

We make war fun. We make killing a profitable margin. We’ve sold out our own deaths to line the pockets of media producers and the unknown crowd that controls America’s narrative. But when will we take a different route? When will peace prevail?

When will we move to an era of peace before war, and in THIS, when will we end all racial tensions? When will we have an America where we are policed equally? When will the era end where black men are so damned in society?

We’ve endured slavery! Give us our fair chance!

I personally live in a world where if I discuss the topic of togetherness, then I must speak as a man who falls into a statistic. Yes, I am an individual, an Artist, but in life and of the grand scheme of things, I see that black men should face no criticism in society. But America, it’s even deeper then that.

It’s such a deep conundrum because their are massive levels of inequality in the US. Stagnate wages leaves us overtly yearning for more. Modesty does matter, and there are good paying jobs here in the United States Of America, but some things aren’t so perfect.

The American Dream is alive, though, and yes it exists.

You have to work hard to achieve it, from the very bottom, near the middle or climbing the top, and nothing has changed. There are merely more players involved now. There are countless American stories where people made it. Perhaps it is in this world, of those who have achieved greatness, where can we seek the changes needed for us to all come together and embark on new and peaceful endeavors. Perhaps there are in fact Americans (and I’m sure there are) that care so much about the planet and want a world of peace and not fighting. Well, if you’re out there do it.

Just Do It

Find the correct avenues through trial and error, and breach that ceiling that initially held you back from making leaps and bounds. Achieve your success, and press it firm to ensure that everyone can benefit from your strides and gains. Yes, Peace. It is possible.

Do it.

Don’t hold back, and yes peace. It can be done. We do not need to fight one another. We are an advanced species who have reached other planets with our technology.


It’s time for a change. I say, let us end war. No WWIII, I pray. No need for another exchange of deadly blows and massive casualties. No New Global Order, but peace. A Global Initiative that inserts peace as the parameters and includes housing, food, insurance, healthcare, and education all for free. People work with this welfare (yes, welfare) package. Give every man and woman $2500 month for life. A much, much happier America! Everyone wins!

I know, politicians of new want the same thing, and I don’t disagree with them. Give to America. Unify, and let peace be the new drill. Let the world follow. We Can America.

And to you who have read this far, Trump must go.

By Brandon Mecella

I am a Philadelphian, a poet (the greatest alive, of course), and I'm loving what is on T.V.