So What Now?

America is inherently racist. Yes, America, slavery existed and it existed for a miserably long time. Africans were taken and forced into labor against their will, all in an effort to prosper up humans who had this Godly audacity to someday say that “they”, the slave, are less than man, less than human, less than species where they make such judgement upon another. No if, and or but, America has to fully recognize the ill of it’s past in order to further build up all of it’s communities. There is massive divide today, and most of it is controlled politically, and it almost always is politically driven. Slavery was not something that man just decided to do. They planned this out. They organized labor around the capture of men and women to throttle their own political agendas. Slavery strengthened America’s economic footprint. The U.S. used slavery as a way of bypassing economic tensions.

Centuries long, slavery in the U.S. should be frowned upon by every American citizen, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart. If we honestly still live this way, then what now? Are people still THAT blatantly racist in this day and age? Why do we have such a divide? Does man truly wish to keep an opening for an attempt to repeat past failures? Is that why racism exists, to ensure that a paradigm movement is possible, as if you know that treating a different race poorly opens up a different portal to a world where you are in complete control?

Yeah, sure.

You know who I have a particular distaste for?

Nazis, The KKK, and well, Confederates.

And know that I am an American, and that is just how I personally feel. I’m always open for dialogue myself as well, because what I find to be most important in humanity is, and should always be, to talk things out, and do it so that things always work out. This is what we do. It may seem elementary, like an easy equation that you know will help you pass every test this year. Well, our dialogue is important. We have to talk out our differences if we are ever going to progress. That isn’t just here in the USA, I mean the entire world. We need to progressively consider making global pacts that put a huge stoppage on wartime efforts. I believe that we are now spending entirely too much on defense at this time, and I believe that Americans are being put on a backburner to these very large war bills. Kid you the fuck not though, a lot of shit is definitely going the fuck down, but is war more important than our own rights? Shouldn’t we be paid more? How about even cheaper things! Almost-Free healthcare? That sound good?

Not going back to the topic of slavery, white people and black people in the US need to squash their differences. I feel it’s either time, or well, well past time to do so. It is important.

Well, what matters then. Not what gives, but this feeling even beyond the question, what is the point? Should I research the meaning of things, or should I derive them myself?

Look at me, I can’t even stay off the topic.

Slavery was beyond cruel. It was more fowl than God could do to man of course. Yet, it has existed throughout time. Slaves have been used to build empires, as they were here in the US. It’s an unfortunate event, when an empire chooses to go that route, as opposed to helping their people rather than treating them like they are nothing and just property.

The atrocities of man are terrible, but the war must go on.

Sorry, I meant the show.

It truly sucks.


Alright, I love everyone. But we need to come to terms. Think of our future.


By Brandon Mecella

I am a Philadelphian, a poet (the greatest alive, of course), and I'm loving what is on T.V.