It bends and moves like currents in the Ocean. It never stops. From it distance it look still, but the Ocean moves. It sways back and forth, to and froe, never ever at the same point. Yet the mirage of the ocean can leave one dumbfounded. No, shell-shocked. Outright baffled. I mean, take a look. Can you see the Ocean’s viewpoint from here? Does it make you nauseous? Anxious? Are you afraid of drowning? Then take a step back. Now fixate your eyes on the magnificent, Beautiful Creation that is Our Ocean. Is it not beautiful? Does Molecular Matter Confuse You, Love? Are we lost and adrift, far from the scenes of yesterday? Will we find tomorrow? Wait! Don’t look down! Now what do you see across the Ocean as rays penetrate the world around you, covering everything with the magnificent Power of our Almighty Sun? You know what I see as I gaze onward and unto the Ocean? I see Love. I feel and see nothing but absolute Love.