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Howie Hawkins on Abortion
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Supports reproductive freedom. (Jun 2006)
Howie Hawkins on Budget & Economy
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Socialize big banks; manage the national currency. (May 2019)Increase social services while decreasing military & police. (Nov 2006)
Howie Hawkins on Civil Rights
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Amend Civil Rights Act to include LGBTQIA+. (May 2019)Reparations for African-Americans slavery. (May 2019)Continue affirmative action programs. (Oct 2006)Sexual orientation protected by civil rights laws. (Aug 2006)End racial profiling. (Jun 2006)
Howie Hawkins on Corporations
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Capitalists exploit workers and thwart democracy. (May 2019)
Howie Hawkins on Crime
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End the carceral surveillance state. (May 2019)Opposes mandatory sentencing. (Aug 2006)End the death penalty. (Jun 2006)
Howie Hawkins on Drugs
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Drug abuse treatment should be available on demand. (May 2019)Big Pharma pushes addictive opioids for profit. (May 2019)End the “War on Drugs”. (Jun 2006)
Howie Hawkins on Education
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Lifelong, tuition free public education at any age. (May 2019)Free public education from pre-K through college. (May 2019)Guarantee a quality education to everyone. (Jun 2006)

By Brandon Mecella

I am a Philadelphian, a poet (the greatest alive, of course), and I'm loving what is on T.V.