Peace Isn’t An Impossibility

There may never be a better time to be alive is something that no man ever said. Ever.

That’s the joke.

Okay, so life is pleasant then, or at least not for all and not all of the time. Some people are more fortunate than others. But in it all, life is a loop of the most erotic and enticing art, vivid imagery, notes, pictures, videos. Life is amazing. Earth Is Perfect.

But we have a reason to go astray from the common way of life. There are alternatives that we can take, upon roads we may go, to make the world, as cliché as it may sound, a better place.

For example, we can strive to end all war on the planet. We could act to achieve total peace amongst the continents, and band together under a true global economy. True & Total Peace.

We know of the many nations across the land that we all ultimately achieve by many bounds when we stick to a specific culture, or way of life. Man & Woman have showed us, and continue to show us, that through all development, religion, science, and talk of stability and creationism, to include evolution, there are ways in front of us. Pathways. And they can be expensive. And that it is up to us to walk these ways the best way possible.

Humanity makes mistakes, but we can always write our wrongs, or grit right through, and make right in turn of what we have done before. And perhaps that is what man may do, but the world has become overrun in warfare for far too long, and I as a man now ask the question of the ages:

When shall we unite, as humanity yearns for, in an age of prosperity & no longer of warfare?

When will we aspire to do things that bond to unite us, and not strike to disarm our bonds and our bands as they walk forward and show the world what we are truly capable of.

Why are we even wasting our time? Who are we truly at war with? I am talking about the USA. Who are we fighting, right now? Russia? China?

I know. Okay. We are engaged. . .


But why? Why do we lend our hand so heavily?

Why do we strive to help others up-arm themselves when we could focus so much more on our evolution as a nation. I know that science as a spectrum is something that we have to take more seriously, and I acclaim to be no scientist, but we have technologies that I know can be more distributed amongst ourselves. Like cellular devices. There is massive room for improvement. We can make significant strides, reach spectacular achievements, and create a world of peace if we changed our tune and manage our world just a little bit differently.

I look at the world and think “what now?”.

A lot is going on, but it actually looks common if I pay attention to the entire world, and by world I do mean the earth. Societies always go through a phase where the same rules that govern us reach a breaking point and ‘something’ then has to give.

That moment is now.

At this very moment, social justice groups and different initiatives are making the necessary leaps and bounds needed for modern societies to themselves make the next leap.

Which way?


We have written rules, but at some point these rules become stale.

What then? Do we just stop? Do we leave no more room ourselves?

What about individualism? What about every moment of our lives?

What about right now? Or yesterday? Tomorrow?

We have more than just the right to say as we want at any given moment,

and of course we can choose to be cunning or strive as a simple learned man. But at what moment do we collectively stop and gauge the world and reconfigure it for peace and not war?

When is the time on earth where I can turn the television on and every channel shows me how to be a peace enforcer and not a criminal, or a mobster, or a gangster, or an outright bad man?

When will I be able to wake up and see, that all that is offered to me and the generations to come, are goods things ensuring that in all things that are good, more good things are to come?


Does any of this have to make absolute sense? Absolutely not!

But it is the achievable! We can achieve peace, in every walk of life.

So As I leave you abruptly,

Please try and find it, you know, that way in your heart.

Try to find it.


By Brandon Mecella

I am a Philadelphian, a poet (the greatest alive, of course), and I'm loving what is on T.V.