I may from time to time say the meanest and rudest of things, but in the end, we are all Children Of God. He is Our President, and I reckon I will not vote for him, but he can, with his own devices and enginuity, win his re-election. He has an incredibly popular fanbase, and he previously swept the entire Nation. He has given The Republicans a strong hand, and The Democratic Party knows all of these things. Those Impeachments may have temporarily phased him, but those are now for Americans to study. Was He right? Was He wrong? We may never know.

But it was HIS phone-call, and that matters a lot more to him than us.

He can win, and I have to openly admit that. He wielded The Bible for us all to see, for we are at war everywhere (or at least it would seem), and in any given moment he gives so many Americans inspiration & hope. He made America Great Again. He showed us a stronger American economy with what we have. He introduced legislation, and made sure that The Republicans will always have a stronger say. He helped his party immensely, and for that they must remain forever grateful.

He also calls out other Nations, and rightfully so, as you’ll see that most of our business often golfs overseas. President Trump knows this, and he holds this fact to be self-evident.

President Trump works for America.

He can win.

The 45th President Of The United States Of America & Commander -In- Chief