Guessing, by my estimates

I have approximately 1 month remaining of my G.I. Bill. I have 48 months time to rehabilitate into modern society. I have the capability of taking out multiple VA-backed loans to purchase a house, or perhaps a perhaps business properties.

My saga is only just beginning, granted, God gives me the strength to continue onward. Most people, including my family, have written me off. I am alone in this cyber world. I don’t have friends that truly care for me as friends should, because I do not have friends.

I was thrown into this world, lost, I grew up without my father. But I became a Veteran just like him. I had no choice.

My mother didn’t mold me into a champion, or a hero, or a doctor for anything. She just made me. I tried to start a family, but my family still looks at me like I’m this little lost child. I’m not. I know what I can do.

What I can never do is get married. I can never have a wife (or a husband) if I am going to build myself up from this misery that is now my life. So many have struck gold, so many artists and entertainers, fashion models and socialites, musicians, et cetera. I don’t know if I’ll ever be wealthy, because I wasn’t taught how to be. They didn’t know what they were doing with me, because I was special. So special, that I know what I am doing. I guess.

No one seems to think I know what I am doing.

This drives me. This motivates me. I am not a soldier anymore. I made the rank I had to. Corporal Brandon Mecella Carey Walker. But it was not for service, but for my own selfish pride and glory. I did what I had to do, and I almost certainly didn’t care for anyone in my path. Why would I?

Look at America. We idolize violence. We pay millions upon millions to those who synthesize it for our viewing pleasure. We love to kill, and our heroes are those that kill for us to watch.

This is America.

I often wish I were just a cosmic fiber drifting about on Jupiter, but I am not. I am a Human Being, and I know what this means. I am intelligent, so much so, that I understand my flaws on this planet. I’m never the smartest person in any room, because that is the way I was raised. That is what I was made into.

It is fine. I can go into great lengths my own trials and tribulations, but for now I shall not. I never may, unless I write it. But I first must finish Mecella’s Dreams II through V.

After I finish these books, I will write a novel. Mecella.

Until then, granted I maintain, muster of my own, and remain free, I shall blog here on my website.


By Brandon Mecella

I am a Philadelphian, a poet (the greatest alive, of course), and I'm loving what is on T.V.