America Blog Epic I Free Speech poetry

Epic I

*Note: Spelling is forgiven

Be one with our Sun.

Embrace nergy so that we may lead.

Show our brothers and siters, other wordly inhabitors,

that Terra Nova is truly never free

We can show, our neighboring countries our grand unity,

and enforce a world with no poverty.

Look out into the sky.

Lets show Terra Nova the way.

Lets push, lets believe in a true unity.

Lets travel, let us? Let us never let go of the sun.

Lets put down our arrows, and lead our chosen one.

Free the world’s, our worlds volume.

Lets plant up, patch up her wombs.

Lets not force her own vacuum.

Lets be pioneers, and lets travel beyond our years.

As if she knew she were not moving,

lets travel with her, without fear.

We can’t lose face of the sun,

even if we tried, for we’re not smart enough,

and if we have, I know we’ve never tried.

Imagine a world with untaxed energy,

everything would be booming, and beautiful, and free.

Of our nations, if its seven scientists say,

at least one nation can try and lead the way.

A full functional nation powered by our sun,

so that every nation can learned to be powred by one.

If not true unity and peace, or a frontier,

why are we convoluting our own fear?

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