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Have you ever seen before? No? Well, can it bethat it was all a dream? Have you ever thought that what’d you would be, could be serene? Has one ever stopped, embraced the crispness of the air, and simply acted to be? Has one ever leaned against the currents of dispair? Has one ever mentioned, or whispered to you;

“You aren’t the kindest person, you come off as rather blue.”

Has it ever occured to you, that the voices are said, if THOSE were written and were read, would it give justice to the dead?

Have you ever taken, from the life of another, just to be better at life; kindly laughing at their strugglel? Can it be quite shameful? I suppose it may be true!

But turly can it be, that the skies aren’t quite as blue?

Journey unto the void that flows through our most sacred creation. Intelligence so profound, that it stimulates unknown relation. Groups; can you ponder it as to be alive? Conjure, are you sure you’re making sense of your own mind?

UP in the sky, far beyond wine we may walk, men have dreamed to create places that resemble parks. Yet it is apparent, on these of desolate lands, seemingly it seems as though they’ve taken their last stand. Have you contemplated, just by chance, what could be, if we all stopped, and embraced life as a purity? Have we lost OUR barring? Or can it be that we are ashamed, to understand the changes of the way we’ve painted man?

Hunters and gatherers of wood and fire and all that is ice, love and all, FORGERS ARE WE,for just our family.

Surviving was our purpose, it was that we were meant to do, but how it sems that other things are calling us “to do”.


I don’t know much about year, other than it involved a book of concepts of the mind; in reality, or about May . . . . . . Look. . . . . Dreams, of people fallen into pages seemed, to cast over the world that brought about a world of “seems”. But, longer past those days, or one may gaze into the past, or look into the future, however long that lasts, and be comparative, of who we were and what we are, and conjure of the statistics, that reveal that what we have birthed.

Creation; we humans have a mode of dream.

Look onward, and learn that we play “team”.

By Brandon Mecella

I am a Philadelphian, a poet (the greatest alive, of course), and I'm loving what is on T.V.