Political Revolution

Well, it sort of happened. Right?

Donald Trump was elected. He squarely beat Hillary Clinton according to the electoral college. But Clinton amassed Trump in the popular vote.

By 3 Million votes. That is a lot.

And the American People were not happy with his victory. So they acted. They protested his victory. They rallied across the nation, forming marches that took place in some of America’s most prominent cities, like Philadelphia. While not a representation of the entire nation, these movements across the U.S. showed the incumbent president Donald Trump that not every American would agree with his policies. And the progressives rallied.

Backed by constitutional rights, the U.S. liberal media circuit daily undercuts the president’s efforts and president Trump himself routinely lambastes private American citizens and other world figures through Twitter, his political speeches and rallies.

The U.S.A. is not wholly in favor of Donald Trump, and it is visible and televised. There is opposition.

Of course there always has been opposition to the president of The United States. It is our inherited rights now as citizen to choose our own political alliances. But the public display of disapproval toward president Trump has transformed into a political inquiry derived from so many other investigations and accusations. President Trump now faces impeachment.

Democrats, if you are serious about this then you need a revolution.

You need to unify without at once forgetting the constitution. You need to do what is right for the American people, and not just the world. Social issues matter. Existence matters. Rights matter. Time, is a factor.

We do not have forever and in a world of fighting and dividing, time is precious.

It is time for society to transform. To adapt to new policies that make life cheaper. Sustainable living where everyone is provided a home. Healthcare at all times. Educational options where the burden of debt does not distort, nor limit your ability to find happiness and success. More so maybe even a world where we accept that not everyone is a winner. Winning is a powerful, yet loaded term. It makes it so that there are losers everywhere, but it isn’t so.

We are One, so let us unify and lift those up that need it most.


By Brandon Mecella

I am a Philadelphian, a poet (the greatest alive, of course), and I'm loving what is on T.V.