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Is Cardi B Cancelled?

The answer is no. I personally vehemently disagree with what she revealed, that she would lure men to hotel rooms, only to drug their drinks and rob them. That, in and of itself is a terrible thing to reveal to her fans, but her apology and explanation for her actions speak volumes.

Is Cardi B cancelled?

Cardi B explains that she is the product of a hip-hop culture that over-glorifies poor behavior, and she isn’t wrong. Some very notable artists like Jay-Z and Meek Mill made their careers and millions of dollars promoting drug sales, violence with weapons and killing people. That is the message at the core of many hip-hop artists, and people love to hear it. It sales.

But, it is still wrong. In that essence, Cardi B is wrong for what she admitted. There are real victims out there, victims of her doings, and in the era of the #metoo movement, it is a huge shame that she’ll get away with this statement and her actions. But in theory, if she were to get in trouble, what would be her punishment? It would equal the end of her stardom, an investigation into her past (similar to the ongoing investigation of Jussie Smollett), and perhaps a halt of her music sales. But none of this will happen, because society has accepted bad things that pays well as a good thing for everyone.

This is a win for her. All this does is give her the publicity she needs to grow her fan base so that she can solicit more of her music. I personally feel that she should make a public apology, and deal with the backlash of her actions, and somewhere down the road she probably will. But, I do not think that this marks the end of Cardi B. She attributes too much of her life before stardom for her actions, and ultimately, that is what people love about her. They love her personality, her brash behavior and unwillingness to become what others might desire. She keeps it how it is, and in doing so, she admits her truths. Good or bad.

By Brandon Mecella

I am a Philadelphian, a poet (the greatest alive, of course), and I'm loving what is on T.V.