As the weather gets warmer, it is important to remember to exercise! There are so many various ways that we, Americans, can exercise and get fit

For those who have jobs that require a lot of movement, you may already do enough exercise in the day. But, for those who don’t, get out and move around! Make an effort to be more mobile this Spring and Summer. Take long walks, go running, try extracurricular activities like a sport or a zumba class. Do something that physically challenges you, and try to make a habit of it.

Our health is important. I’ve learned myself that it is easy to become complacent. If you need motivation, look toward someone who knows the pain and struggle of getting in shape. There are so many people now, dedicated to helping others get fit, and stay fit. Network, and I promise you, you’ll fine someone willing to exercise and be active with you.

And if you chose to go at it alone, don’t be afraid. Get a gym membership and be active. Take more walks with your dog if you have to, go play with your children in a park, or invest in something like a bicycle and ride back and forth to work.

Again, the possibilities are endless, and the world is our playground!

Get out there, and be active!