The Long Road. Almost Finished.

I took the long road. The really long road. Yet somehow, I am almost finished.

I am now a student of Strayer University. Come April 1st, I begin their Bachelor of Business Administration Program, with a concentration in Marketing.

Simply put, I am excited! With all of my transferred credits, I am just about half-way complete! I will be taking four classes this Spring: Business 100, Humanities 111, Communications 101, and Computer Information Systems 105.

I had a very successful semester at The Community College of Philadelphia, and along with job changes, I am 100% certain that finishing my degree with Strayer University will be best for me.

If my own projection of my success is correct, I should be complete with my program by sometime next Spring or Summer. Upon completion, I’ll finally be able to tote my scholastic skills in the business sector, and not just my grit.

For those who read this, I suppose I should say do not quit, do not give up. I earned the right to keep going through school with my military service. I am proud to have served. Maybe it can help you, too.

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By Brandon Mecella

I am a Philadelphian, a poet (the greatest alive, of course), and I'm loving what is on T.V.