Life routinely challenges us. Not a day goes by without some assortment of unforeseen circumstances, and it is in those moments where we must use what we know and have to get through our daily challenges. In those moments, many are fortunate enough to have the aid and assistance of close friends and families; close bonds built over the years that serve to get many through their challenges.

But even in a person’s solitude do they not have to falter. It just so happens that sometimes we fail. I myself have tried and failed many times. Often times, it can be incredibly frustrating and demoralizing, but it can also be humbling. New challenges arise everyday, and it isn’t always easy to get through them.

It is good to try, and it’s always good to know, that with a new day on the horizon, there are always more opportunities ahead.

New beginnings are good for us. They are at least good for me. I’ve personally tried many new things: new jobs, new exercises, new recreational activities, and new endeavors. I’ve had my fun times, and I’ve had my miserable experiences. Life lessons come in many sizes and packages, and these daily challenges are there, not to ensure that life is difficult, but because we are often times capable of achieving our goals and many others feats, often beyond even our dreams.

When I started this blog, it was supposed to be for my poetry. But, as time went on, I learned to view love differently, and as my views changed, so did my writing. So I stopped writing poetry, and I very briefly wrote about the world of politics. I’m a novice at blogging, although I’ve had some other blogs. Yet, I embraced the few moments I felt self accomplished in writing about the 2016 election, the president, and recent news.

I’ve sort of taken a step away from that, only briefly. Now I just enjoy having this website, because I can express myself however I see fit. Mecella – The Republic. It seems and sounds cool to me. It may not be my way to make millions, it may not catch on to hundreds of thousands of people. No, it may never make me successful.

It is mine, though. I love it for that. To me, it was a new beginning. There are thousands, hundreds of thousands of websites that have helped people to connect and express themselves. I enjoy the luxury of being able to post what I like, and being able to frame my words how I see fit.

I enjoy that this blog of mine is an entirely new beginning for me.

So, how far will I take it? Where do I go from here? Will I say something groundbreaking someday? Perhaps create a new obsessive trend…

With new beginnings, anything is possible. I’ll try to do something great, like that of so many other awesome people out here. Briefly, I should say that there are many inspiring people in the world. Many are my family, many are friends or associates I have met over my brief period of work history. Many are teachers, whom I believe to be the world’s greatest influences.

Go into the world, and accomplish what you’ve set out to do. Work hard at it, and don’t be afraid to reach out. Even if you’re at it alone, don’t give up on yourself.

If you falter, don’t hate yourself for too long. It is only natural that we will at times not be successful. Embrace new days. Embrace new beginnings.