For My Own Sanity

I don’t want to be affiliated with any Party.

Democrat, Republican, Green.

I don’t want to March with them.

Great they unite, but I can no longer stand with them.

I have a voice, and how weak or strong it is, is up to me.

I’m on a completely different road, and it doesn’t help to hear their terrible rhetoric.

I know I’ll still hear it.

It’s so destructive, so beneath The USA, The Republic.

The best thing I can do, is better myself.

Financially, spiritually, and very much so mentally.

Society is flawed, and the political machine is too divisive.

My obvious admittance, is that my actions have left me in my own predicament.

I wholeheartedly accept who I am, and I yearn to become better.

It will require years of change, of discipline.

In my heart, I want to do right. In my mind, I am a bit perplexed with myself.

I’m imperfect.

I am just one man, amongst many men, women and children in The Republic.

By Brandon Mecella

I am a Philadelphian, a poet (the greatest alive, of course), and I'm loving what is on T.V.