Somehow, I am back at square 1. So what did I do?

I think I just quit my job. I sort of know why. Perhaps it was a lack of fulfillment. The health benefits were great, but I made under $12 an hour. I am not missing out on much.

The larger mistake I made this year (great, another year with mistakes) is that I ended up dropping my courses to work full-time.

So, looking back at those two decisions, I should have stayed in school and forgot about work. With that being said, I’m going to take courses this summer, and if I can just make it until then, I may not work. Maybe I’ll look like a bum at times, miss a few bills, and not look all too excited about life, but my job wasn’t for me. Three years of security, I guess that’s enough.

My record is terrible, though. Too many call outs, too many previous jobs that I have left, too many times I have walked away from school, only to return. Last semester’s grades, A A A B are the only things that give me hope that I can be successful. In conjunction, I was also doing well at work, but too much turbulence entering the new year, and my lack on holding on to the money I had saved last month, through me off. I also failed to leave behind me vices that stunted my growth.

So, now I am back at the beginning, and sooner or later I’ll conquer my mind.

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