Life Inspired


Life Is More


It’s more than the image behind the sculpture.

More than the biggest face ever painted,

Or molded.

Life is huge. A conundrum of moments all compiled that riddle the mind on a daily basis.

What matters in life? Is it what we aspire to? Is it our actions? Is it what we must give in to society in order to make it better?

The moment it all makes sense to you might be when life matters most. Perhaps I cannot define it for you.

Yet, life takes shape in many forms and sometimes it can be unexplained. An experience without a definition.

Or just plain beautiful.

Make the most of life!

A true brisk moment.

Enveloped with your pleasure.

A moment for two.

I can’t let yesterday bring me down, no matter how easy it can be.

The yelling, the screaming.

I have had many good days after it, but I find myself in my mind focused on things that I shouldn’t be focused on.

So now, I will be focused on today. I will be focused on my future.

Like I haven’t said it before.

Yesterday is getting older, tomorrow has yet to be. Oh, tomorrow.

I am focused on you.

My Death Falls Upon The Day


It will be swift, like a sharp blade cutting through the wind.

It won’t require much effort, my final resort.

It takes my breath away. It closes my eyes.

It removes me from your world, a place I only wanted to thrive in.

I’ll no longer be a burden to you.

It was always too difficult for me.

I should have been given more leniency, more room to grow.

I have made mistakes, but if I could I would only show you

that I could have done better, but it got so hard.

The day I die.

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