An outlet for moderates, liberals, and everyone in between to spread and discuss information about what affects them in their daily lives and communities. A diverse coffee-shop vibe in a virtual space.

“To provide the world with wonderful content.”

Goal: to have a diverse cast of writers, those from all walks of life, who share values yet have different attributes and viewpoints.

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Mecella's Values

Respect all those around you, and the information you cover


Be honest about your writing and the information you use


Be dedicated to the mission: providing information for the masses


Have empathy, and sympathy. be passionate and care about others.


Know how to find a solution, no matter the adversity.

Mecella is a business that focuses on the development and the status of humanity. We aim to focus our efforts on getting a word out about current events, political matters that effect our homes, and other topics that revolve around our day to day lives. We put an emphasis on trying to help others. We wish to someday build charitable events to help to disenfranchised and homeless. We aim to work with our respective communities, through volunteer work and other efforts, to better help those around us.

As writers, we care about the people that we speak about. Our work is designed to inform readers about the trials we all face daily.
Not everything posted on Mecella will be politically based.

All employees of Mecella care about the Earth, people, and nature. We are a new company focused on ensuring the sanctity of our surroundings, thus our mission will be remaining environment friendly.

The owner of Mecella, Brandon Mecella Carey Walker, believes in Gay Rights woman’s rights, a limitation of gun access and background checks, free college options, college debt relief paid parental leave, and raising the minimum wage.


"Knowledge is power.
Information is liberating.
Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family."

-- Kofi Annan
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"A word after a word after a word is power."
--Margaret Atwood